I love me some dairy free chocolate!

Boom Choco Boom
I was wandering around Whole Foods yesterday trying to decide what to have for lunch when I spotted these babies. I grabbed this one and the plain rice milk bar to try. I love Nestle's Crunch and since they are not gluten-free I wondered if this Boom Choco Boom bar may be a good substitute. Well it's not exactly a Nestle's but it was pretty good. I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate and this tastes closer to that than regular milk chocolate but I still liked it. I saved the regular rice milk chocolate bar for today. They do also have a dark chocolate version if that's your sorta thing. I'm trying to stay away from chocolate in general but once in awhile you've just gotta have some! I think however that in the future if I want to indulge in some chocolate, I'll go for the real milk kind as long as it's GF. Since I don't eat it all that often, it's worth it to get the good stuff!

Happy Friday!!!

edited to add: this is not actually what I ate for lunch, rather what I ate after lunch :)


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