Shabtai Gourmet - A Review

Last weekend I received an email from Andrew at Cinderella Sweets, the bakers of the Shabtai Gourmet Brand of Gluten Free Cakes & Cookies, asking me if I would like to sample some of their products and review them here. Um cakes & cookies?! BRING IT ON!! And that he did. I figured a small box of samples would arrive but yesterday Mr FedEx arrived with a big box and I opened it to find....

Shabtai Gourmet Gluten-Free Samples

WOW!!!! Thanks Andrew!! Of course I immediately dove in... after the quinoa debacle I was starving. What I didn't realize was that the foods were still a little too cold to enjoy so I ended up sampling things throughout the day. I also shared everything with my Dad and Brother (both gluten eaters) to see what they thought.

First I tried the Ring Tings:
Ring Tings
Kind of like a devil dog, shaped like a ring ding and covered in chocolate. YUM. Soft chocolate cake with a yummy cream center. They fall apart easy but that doesn't bother me at all. My brother loved these and would've eaten the whole box if I'd let him but I kept these for myself!

Next up are the Meltaway Cookies:
Meltaway Cookies
They are "streussel crumbs, artfuly crafted into scrumptious, finger friendly morsels." and they are pretty good. Ever since I started going gluten-free and have explained everything to my Dad, he's mentioned that he thinks he may also be gluten intolerant. These cookies are right up his alley because he loves nuts and they have pecans & chocolate chips. This morning he told me he had a couple cookies with his coffee and didn't experience the typical "food coma" that he usually does after eating gluten foods. He's always complaining about how after lunch he goes into a "lunch coma." I suspect he's gluten intolerant too. My brother is not a fan of these only because he doesn't like nuts.

And now we have the Brownie Bites:
Brownie Bites
They are kind of like cupcakes, are baked in cupcake wrappers and topped with chocolate. I really liked these too. I don't particularly think they taste like brownies as much as cupcakes though. My brother did manage to steal these though and he finished off the entire box. I guess he liked them!

The last thing I tried was the Raspberry Jelly Roll:
Rasberry Jelly Roll
None of us are big fans of Jelly rolls, but I would say that if I did like them, this would be pretty delicious. Nice moist cake, sweet rasberry filling, tasty coconut. I did eat a little bit of it and thought it was good but it will be donated to someone else that actually does like jelly rolls.

I also received a box of lady fingers and a container of "pread crumbs" made from potato starch. I plan on making some sort of cake or maybe I'll be brave and make tira misu. The crumbs will probably go into some meatballs, or coat some chicken or something. I'll let you know how that all goes when I get to it!

So all in all, I had a really good experience with Shabtai Gourmet snacks. Their foods are Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Casein Free, Soy Free and Dairy Free which is really great. They are baked in a dedicated bakery and are also certified Kosher Parve! They are also currently offering Free Shipping! Check them out here!

Thanks Andrew!


Lisa said…
I am so jealous of you getting all these free goodies in the mail! Wow! Thanks for the reviews!
Unknown said…
Hooray for free food!
Steph said…
Oh my goodness, I think I just died reading this! Free shipping is almost too good to pass up! So do you think the ring tings and brownie bites are good enough for my $8.60 and $6.89 for them?
Gluten Free Devil Dogs???? Holy moly - I almost fell off of my chair just now... Girl, I am jeal-ous!!! Don't you love free gluten free food? I will sample just about anything - ha ha.

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