Um, did someone say it's the last week of November?

Chicken Burrito Bowl
This morning started out kinda rough. And by that I mean I spent the first hour of my workday sobbing to my Dad about the trials and tribulations of this life. I used to be one of those people that talked out loud to anyone that would listen, but over the past year or two I've started to internalize everything and that's just unhealthy. It all came gushing out this morning and my poor Dad was the one to take the wrath. Fortunately after letting it all out I felt better and now am trying to focus on getting done all that I need to get done before we close on Wednesday.

I wasn't feeling that well yesterday so I didn't get around to going grocery shopping. Today I had to buy my lunch and the pressure of finding something good to eat was weighing on me heavily. I figured I'd just hit Souper Salad again but I was really craving something warm so I wasn't too sure what to do. I could get a baked potato... but that sounded kind of boring. I walked in and you have to pass the wrap station to get to the salad bar and right there, sticking out of the glass counter top was a menu. First a look of shock came across my face and then a big smile, it was a gluten-free menu!! I was so excited, that I ordered the first thing that looked good - the chicken burrito in bowl. Woohooo! I loved every bite of that chicken "burrito" bowl.


Allie said…
aww jen -- sorry to hear you had a rough start to the week ;( hopefully it improves, and at least it's a short week!
Liz said…
Yay for happy endings! I am thrilled that Souper Salad has a gf menu... now I have an option at the good ole South Shore Plaza (Chipolte, which was just put in downstairs has gf info on their website also).

And I think it's something in the atmosphere; last week I had a meltdown in front of my mother.

Gotta love parents :)

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