What a nice way to start my week.

Today I ate a delicious bagel. A yummy, soft, bready, delicious bagel. I don't feel even a little bit guilty. So there. What kind of bagel was this, you ask? It was a Glutino bagel!! I found them at Roche Brothers last night. Yes the price tag of $7 for a bag of 5 (or 6? can't remember) threw me for a loop but it was so worth it. I was all about the comfort foods last night. I bought these bagels, Bell & Evans chicken nuggets and Ore Ida tater tots. Last night I had chicken (the real kind, not nuggets) and tots. I have leftovers for lunch. Sometimes you just need to eat like a kid, ya know? I ate so much chocolate this weekend... uuuugh. My stomach today is all growly and gurgely. I'm drinking a TON of water today. I need to regulate.

The bagels are pretty hefty in the calorie department and not exactly loaded with nutrition but so what. I definitely could've eaten just half and next time I probably will. I also lathered it up with peanut butter and jelly... but it was oh so worth it. I would totally use these over regular GF bread too. The texture was excellent.

So my weekend was good, unfortunately I don't have any fun pictures to share. I went to my cousin's house for a while on Friday night and helped hand out Halloween candy, then I went home and watched movies with the roommate. I was exhausted. Saturday I headed down to Plymouth to have lunch with the ladies (my mom, sister, aunt, grandmother, cousin and her two friends) and that was nice. Then I went shopping for an outfit and wound up spending a fortune on clothes but I needed them so desperately. I still haven't taken a good look at my budget to see how badly I cut into it. Later. Saturday night I went out dancing with friends as a last night out for my friend Steve before he goes away for almost a month. That was a good time. We found out at the last minute that it was a costume party but I didn't get dressed up. I was too pumped to wear my new outfit. Which I didn't take a picture of. We had fun though. Sunday I did the usual, watched a lot of tv, did laundry, grocery shopped, cooked some food for the week. And here we are at Monday again! Fun.

Oh yeah, I showed up at The Doc's on Friday only to find out that they'd screwed up and my appointment wasn't scheduled. So I have to go back tomorrow.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


Liz said…
Yuuuuuuuum. Those sound great! Glad you had a good weekend!
Kerrie @ TFK said…
Do you defrost the bagels in the toaster first and then toast? I can't seem to get my bagels toasted to the way I want them...hmmm

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