Pesky Barley Malt!

You're in a hurry, you're starving, you forgot to pack something to eat, you stop at the "convenience" store. You stand at the shelf where they have all those "nutrition" bars and try to decipher which is the safest. They don't have any of the ones that you know for sure are gluten-free so you read the labels and pick the one that looks safe. You get to work, google the bar you chose, and find out that it contains barley malt. What?! Nowhere on that label does it say barley malt! It does however say "natural flavors" which you know can be trouble, especially when it doesn't elaborate on what those natural flavors were made from. Apparently these natural flavors were made from barley malt. Malt is my worst enemy. Malt beverages make me break out in a rash. Not pleasant. Fortunately I'm not feeling anything since my barley malt consumption this morning but now I know that neither Clif bars, nor Luna bars are gluten-free. There may be one or two that are but for the most part they are not. Ok then. Moving on...

I printed out the dividers for my cookbook yesterday! You might notice that I used one or more of your photos for my divider pages, but fear not, this is just my own little personal project. I promise I'm not stealing all your photos and recipes to go make a cookbook that I'm going to sell and make millions of dollars off of. No, this is just my little bible that has already brought me so much happiness from making lots of yummy gluten-free foods thanks to all you gluten-free bloggers out there! The photos do not correspond to the section name because that would take forever, I just grabbed a few of my favorites and repeated them on every page. Now I just have to start formatting the recipes so they look pretty. Each one goes into a plastic sheet protector and then into the appropriate section. I love organization!
Cookbook Dividers

I also will be receiving some goodies to sample from Shabtai Gourmet hopefully tomorrow, so stay tuned for the reviews!!

Did I mention that I'm feeling really good? Really, really good. I actually am getting some of my stamina back too. I will definitely be going to kickboxing tonight!


Lisa said…
Boy, you are so creative! I love your divider pages! I'm headed off to do your "ABC's Of Me" on my blog....
Jennifer said…
oOoOo uber organization. i'm salivating.
Marlow said…
So first of all, I also am salivating over these pages. I'm going to post my homemade cookbook so that you can see it and laugh your butt off!! Your book puts my book to shame.

Secondly, send me your mailing address to
marlowapril (at)
I'm going to send you something so that you never worry over bars again!!

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