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Pardon the pictures.. I'm (hopefully!) getting a new point and shoot camera for Christmas which will allow for better 'at work' photos. I don't carry my DSLR with me at all times, although sometimes I wish I did.

Anyway, last week I was stuck without a lunch so I walked down to Whole Foods and picked up one of these frozen meals that I'd been curious about for a while:
Glutino Chicken Penne Alfredo Gluten Free

Just put it in the microwave and viola!

DSCN1874Glutino Chicken Penne Alfredo Gluten Free 2

I've eaten PLENTY of frozen meals in my life, thanks to Weight Watchers and Lean Cuisine (yuuuuck). So I have a lot to compare these to and as far as food from a box goes, this was pretty good! The pasta didn't cook very evenly but the part that wasn't overcooked was very good and the chicken tasted like real chicken. Not those little squares of "chicken" that come in other frozen entrees. The sauce was typical, a little watery but if you let it sit long enough after cooking, it does thicken up. Tasty, quick and easy in a pinch. I'd eat this again if I didn't have a fresh alternative, I'd like to try some of the other varieties as well.

I bought another pack of Glutino bagels and I have to say, this pack isn't as fresh, light and delicious as the last pack I bought. They have more of that gluten free taste and smell. They're not horrible, just not as good. I'm curious as to the difference? Maybe they've just been in the freezer longer?


H.Peter said…
I just made Penne alfredo for inner. From scratch. So easy. But yes, Glutino is great.
Wow. I'm sure glad it tasted ok. I just had to laugh, though. The picture on the package and the picture of what it really looks like are sooooo different. I'm not a huge fan of frozen meals, but I will have to try this one, since you liked it.

I also just bought a new pack of Glutino Sesame Bagels. I haven't tried them yet. At almost $8 for 6, I hope they taste ok. Like you, I liked the first pack I bought several months ago.

Thanks for your reviews! :)

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