Whole Foods Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

When I did my Thanksgiving shopping at Whole Foods I picked up a box of gluten free chocolate chip cookie mix. I figured if I had enough time, I'd make them for Thanksgiving, but if I didn't, I'd just make them for myself. Sunday afternoon I made these and by Monday afternoon they were completely gone. I think my roommate might have eaten one of them.... but yeah, I ate the rest. The box calls for 5 Tbs of butter but I accidentally put in 7 which I think is what caused more spreading. I know others have said these are not usually so flat, but that's the way I prefer them anyway and if I buy this mix again, I'll do the same thing. I'm sure I'll be buying this mix again, it was awesome, so easy to make and not expensive. But next time I'll buy them only for a special occasion and share them because eating all of those cookies has made my stomach not so happy!!

I'm still feeling a lot better and not taking that anti-inflammatory medication, I am still taking the immune suppressant though, at least until I see the doc on Friday. I have very seriously considered coming off all of the meds and trying to manage this thing naturally with diet and exercise. I know my GI won't agree with that but what if my issue is not actually Crohn's but rather food intolerance? Or Crohn's as a result of intolerance? So many questions, I just hate to take medication for the rest of my life when I could be healthier without it. I read a long article yesterday about gluten intolerance and how it can take a long time to develop and may not show up on blood tests for years. I read somewhere that it takes an average of 7 years for a person to be diagnosed with Celiac or gluten intolerance. I know my body and I know how much my diet impacts how I feel, despite the doctor saying as long as I'm on medication I should be able to eat normally - that is just so incredibly wrong. Walk a mile in my shoes doc! Well, we'll see how it goes on Friday. I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said…
I guess I was lucky to get a fast and sure diagnosis! I ended up cancelling my doctors' and nutritionist appointments for awhile because I was getting frustrated and burnt out that none of their "solutions" were fixing anything. Working on it through diet only and without people "looming over me" has made me feel more positive about the whole thing, which, in turn, has lowered my stress and made me feel better.
That said, I was only on antibiotics and not anything major that may be bad to go off of abruptly...
Jen said…
Yeah see that's the issue, I'm on a medication that has to be very carefully monitored so I can't just take a break from the doctor's visits. I go get blood drawn every week and see the doc once a month. Suuuucks. I'm seriously considering my options at this point. Thanks as always for the feedback!
Liz said…
I don't have much to say, other than you've got support no matter what you decide to do! :)
Good luck!!!! I can completely relate to your post. I was initially diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and put on a TON of strong meds. As I continued to get sicker and sicker, I sought "alternative" help from a nutritionist. Thankfully she suggested I be tested for celiac disease and, sure enough, I had celiac -- not ulcerative colitis after all! Listen to your body and talk with your doctor. Maybe they could slowly "wean" you off??

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