Thanks everyone so much for the comments on my last blog. You all said exactly what I thought you'd say and of course it's what I was hoping to hear. Especially my friend Diana who reads this blog and basically just said that I've already made up my mind so just do it! We're so good at telling each other how it is, cut right through the B.S. I love having a friend like that.

I've been thinking a lot and doing a lot of research, reading up on various doctors and checking into other people that have been tested by Enterolab. I'm pretty sure my first step is going to be making an appointment with someone at the Celiac center at Beth Israel. All my medical records are there so it will be easy for them to see what I've been going through and hopefully help me to take the next step. After that, I may or may not go ahead and have the tests done through Enterolab. More than anything, I want to have the DNA tests done.

I am keeping a food journal, it's actually a blog that's private. It works pretty well so far. I wish I had started it back in May but oh well. I can start now, better late than never. The biggest theme here is "trusting your gut".. literally.. which is something I'm learning to do. Also what some of you said is so true about cheating because I'm not officially diagnosed as Celiac or gluten-intolerant, even though I know for sure that it's better to be gluten free when you have Crohn's disease.

My next appointment with my current GI is January 6th. Until then, I think I'm just going to try to enjoy the holidays, keep eating healthy, exercising and taking care of myself and then after that appointment I'll make the other appointment with the Celiac center. Their website says they treat people with Celiac and other gluten-sensitive disorders so hopefully I'll get the help that I'm looking for!

Thanks again everyone for the words of encouragement, especially from the people that have not commented before, I really appreciate it!!


Anonymous said…
Good luck. Just thought I would let you know that it's tricky to get into the celiac center at BIDMC because they're always booked. So I'd call today and see what they have available. I've seen Dr. Sheth mostly, but Dr. Doyle did my original endoscopy.

Maybe give their nutritionists a shot as well. I see Melinda Dennis of the Celiac Center.
Jen said…
I've read negative things about Dr. Sheth, do you like him? I was looking at Dr. Cheney, she also specializes in IBD. Thanks for the heads up!
Anonymous said…
I heard a lot of negatives about him from the girls in my Celiac group, but I don't agree. He seems pretty open-minded to me and has been willing to work with me on different "treatments." Obviously, I can only speak from my personal experience, but I've liked him so far.
The negatives I've heard about him are in regards to his being a typical medical doctor. He's sometimes rushed, he wants to fix everything with medicine, etc. But I haven't met a medical doctor who isn't like that, but he's also the one who recommends working so much with the nutritionist to try to manage it completely through diet. *shrugs*

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