I finally made an appointment with a new gastroenterologist that specializes in IBD and Celiac. Woohoo!! My appointment is not until May 14th, but I'm also on the cancellation list in case something earlier opens up. I do have another appointment with my current GI on April 7th. I'm hoping that he doesn't notice that I have the other appointment but if he does, oh well. I'll tell him what's up. I feel relieved that I've got it scheduled, even better if it gets bumped up.

In other good news, I got the results back from the colposcopy and they are "perfectly normal" and that's a huge relief. Aside from the Crohn's I'm apparently in excellent health!

AND, my fed taxes arrived today, hell yes Punta Cana here I come!!! Lauren is on the hunt for the best deal. Thanks everyone for your comments about that. I can't wait to get away. Oh that reminds me, I HAVE to get my passport!!


Allie said…
passports can take a while! order it NOW

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