It's a slow week in blogland.

I don't have much to report this week, fortunately no news is good news. I'm looking for a cookbook that has a lot of recipes that are grain free. Most cookbooks I come across have a ton of baking recipes and pasta recipes but not a lot of meat and veggies kinds of meals. Anyone have any good suggestions? I looked at the Eat Well, Feel Well cookbook when I initially thought about trying the SCD but I wasn't overly impressed with it. I might have to take another look. You know how much I love to hang out at Borders! I do not have fundage this week for a new cookbook, but I will next week!


Lisa said…
Hmmmm...grain-free? You mean like the Atkins diet? Maybe Southbeach? I'm not sure either of those are totally grain-free. I did try Atkins several years ago. My belly felt fine, but I had a lot of trouble sticking to it because of my love of sugar! If I could do it, I think sticking to meat, potato and vegetable would be the way to go. It's always snacking that gets me off track!
Mike said…
You might just try adapting recipes from various ethnic cookbooks aimed at the general populace. North America and Europe are far more obsessed with grains than the rest of the world, though rice shows up a lot everywhere. But I'd think stir fry for example would be fairly straightforward to adapt, as is a lot of Mexican food.

As a starter, my wife has been making me a lot of picadillo lately. This recipe is pretty close to the way she makes it, but there are lot of variations -- I think it's Spanish for "hey, look what I found in the fridge!"
Anonymous said…
Cookbooks are unnecessary ... throw meat and veggies and spices in a frying pan and have fun! That is pretty much the formula for most of my dinners, and yet, they are very different and interesting!
sallybranwyn said…
One that you might want to get from the library (not buy) is Jamie Oliver's Naked Chef original cookbook. There's a whole section in there about pasta making, but some good basic recipes with lots of flavor that are naturally gluten free. Plus, his are so adaptable to whatever you happen to have on hand.

I have a crush...clearly.

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