Uno's Gluten Free Pizza

Uno's Gluten Free Pizza

I finally tried the gluten free pizza at Uno's tonight. I forgot to bring my camera with me to the restaurant, so I snapped a pic of the leftovers. I don't know what to say, other than it tasted kinda like one of the frozen pizzas I've had from the health food store. Let me just say that I've never been the type to order pizza at a sit down restaurant, I've always been a takeout girl. Greasy, crunchy crust, pepper and onion pizza once in a while, but other than that I guess I'm not a huge pizza fan. Honestly, I've avoided it altogether for a very long time because it makes me so sick. This pizza didn't make me sick, but it also wasn't worth ordering either. The steak I had the last time I was at Uno's was a much better choice. I will not order the pizza again.

The cool thing was that the manager brought my pizza out to me and told me how carefully they make the pizza to ensure it's gluten free. That was really cool, but I wasn't paying any attention to what she was saying because I noticed that she happened to be my neighbor from the old neighborhood. She didn't remember me so much. We didn't live next door to each other for very long, and I have a freakishly photographic memory... anyway, I continue to be impressed by the gluten free service at Uno's. But next time, I'll order the steak.


Lisa said…
Oh, man. I'm so dissapointed to hear about the Uno's pizza. I was going to go this weekend and try it myself. Now, not so sure! The last time I went to Uno's, I had a greasy burger slapped on a plate with a side of greasy mashed potatoes. Yuck!

Maybe I'll just stick to Outback Steakhouse..they are excellent with their GF menu in the Albany area. They even serve warm, GF whole grain bread loaf and GF hamburger buns at ours!!! It's awesome!

Thanks for the review!
Jen said…
Mmmmm I LOVE Outback, but haven't been since going GF. I know they have the GF menu, I wonder if they have bread at the one near me. I'm going to have to check it out soon!!
Lisa said…
You might want to give your Outback a call before going and ask about the GF bread. One time we went on a Sunday afternoon and the very apologetic waiter told me that they had run out on Saturday! I still had a great meal, but I so missed the bread!

The last time we went, we had the same wonderful waiter and he actually gave me a whole, fresh little loaf to bring home!

Good luck and let me know what you think if you go!
Lynn Barry said…
I hear ya...with me tomatoes and dairy make me feel like crap so it isn't just wheat...I will order the steak too. But hooray for those who want pizza and it is an option for them at UNO'S. HUGS
H.Peter said…
If you ever visit calgary, let me know. I will make some Pizza for you. My wife sells teh shells, i do the rest...

Here are a couple of pics:

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