Food for Life Brown Rice Flour Tortillas

Gluten Free Brown Rice Tortilla Wraps

These are the only gf flour wraps I've tried so far, so I have nothing to compare them to. I am not a fan. They are hard to chew and the tear very easily. I microwaved one in the morning and it ripped when I made the wrap, so I thought maybe if I heat the next one up a little longer with a damp paper towel, it might soften it up a bit. Not so much. They're not horrible, but I don't see myself buying them again, maybe I'll try the Trader Joe's version.


sallybranwyn said…
I hate to tell you this, but...the TJs wraps are exactly the same. If you nuke them for 25 seconds and then eat the wrap right away, not letting it get to room temp, they sometimes hold together, but they remain pretty dry and chewy.

I still buy them. :)
Allie said…
i was just going to say exactly what sally said... TJ's are just as bad... I've found that you can luck out and get "good batches" from time to tim that hold up better --- but it's totally luck-of-the-draw.
Anonymous said…
Just found your blog by random, but I'm also GF.
These do not nuke well but they do nicely if you warm them a bit in the oven, especially if you put a bit of salsa or something, even cheese, on first.
I eat these all the time.
I also found that they do service as a super thin pizza crust. If you bake them enough they really hold up with some toppings surprisingly well.

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