Gluten Free Whoopie Pies!!

My first batch of gluten-free whoopie pies.

Finally!! The first round of GF Whoopie Pies is a success. Although, I'm pretty sure I will not make these again until I get a mixer. Working with the hand mixer to make these was somewhat of a nightmare. I also have about a 1.5 foot square working space so that sucks too. Unfortunately I lost half a bag of GF flour in the process, that really sucked, I dropped it when I was trying to close it.

As you can see, the cake part didn't come out as smooth as the regular version does, I have a feeling that if I alter the steps that I used to mix these that would be different. It might have something to do with the sugar. The cakes came out with a bit of a crust on the outside, and cakey on the inside, and the filling was a little too soft, but I've never even made the real version of these babies so for my first try I think I did pretty good! I'm going to share them with friends and family that know how the real things taste to see what they think. Allie I'll try to save you one, but you might have to wait for the next batch!! I only made a small batch of 6 and I'm going to attempt to cut them in half but even at that, I think they'll be gone by Tuesday. I also want to see how they hold up over the next couple of days, if they dry out, etc, and the next batch I'll see how well they freeze.

This recipe is an old family secret and since my Mom is trying to launch her business, I have to keep it under wraps, so sorry for not sharing the details. Even though I'm sure it's easy enough to figure out yourself, but I'm under strict instructions to NOT post the recipe anywhere! I promise Mom!

Ok, I'm off to share one with my cousin, and to see Confessions of a Shopaholic!


sallybranwyn said…
*cue heavenly angelic choir*

Must try one. Those look fantastic!

I don't know if Whoopie Pies are a New England thing or if I just grew up without their glory, but I'm thinking that I need to acquaint myself with them soon!
Jen said…
Whoopie Pies are definitely a New England thing, some say they originated in Maine, some say they came to Maine from the Pennsylvania Dutch. I don't know what the truth is, but they are definitely big around here!
Marlow said…
They look delicious!
Allie said…
just reading this now! I hope there is one left! but if not, that's ok... I'll patiently wait for the next batch :)

nice work! they look really good
Liz said…
(this may be a repeat, blogger didn't take to my last comment...)

Ooooooh. Jenny, those look amazing! And I like the crust, it makes them look homemade and rustic, a good thing in my book.

Woohoo for gf whoopie pies!

And if you ever need a taste tester, I'm a short drive away ;)
nikki8 said…
Oh yum. They look great. Can you share what type of GF flour you use?
suz said…
Though I fully understand why you can't share this recipe (family secrets are family secrets), how sad am I? Good Lord those look good!!

I'm very jealous that you'll just have to eat those all by yourself. Oh darn.

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