Two posts in one day, I'm a maniac!

It's funny, when I am cheating on my gf diet out of frustration or lack of other options I don't get upset over it. But actually making the choice to buy regular bread and eat my lunch on it totally throws me. I figure if I'm going to be sticking so strictly to the casein free diet, then I really feel guilty about eating gluten, especially since I actually have to seek out gluten foods that don't also contain casein! I find that choosing the gluten-free versions is comforting to me. I like that feeling. I really hope that over the next two months with the next visit to The Doc and the visit to the New Doc in May, with any luck, by summer I'll really be feeling good. One can only hope...

There are a few factors right now that are coming into play during this gluten-on/casein-off experiment. The first few days I expect to be difficult because I'm going to be cleaning all the casein out of my system. But then by the end of the week it's gonna be that time of the month (sorry fellas), which also throws my gastric system out of whack. It's gonna be interesting to say the least. Today I got some nasty cramps right after eating my lunch. I had tuna salad on whole grain bread. I supposed it could be the whole grains (I'm talking actual seeds here) that bothered me, but it also could just be the gluten. But I'm gonna push through. That may sound crazy, but there's a method to my madness. It's only 2 weeks. I've lived my entire life with a perpetual stomach ache, I can live for two more weeks. But generally otherwise I feel pretty good!


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