Ben Affleck is Better than Cream Cheese

It's a play-on-words. You'll see...

Boston is getting a lot more action from the movie biz lately and this week is no exception. I noticed Tuesday night that there was filming going on in the area of Boston Common and the Public Garden and wondered who's in town this time. I found out yesterday morning that it's Ben Affleck. Nice! He's one of my favs, plus he comes from Boston which makes him that much cooler. Last night I'm walking from work to the train and I have to cut through Boston Common to get there and I see that they're filming right along my path!! And not only that, but they're not blocking it off, just letting us walk right through! So of course, the paparazzi in me came right out and I took this:

Ben Affleck

That pretty much made my day.... but the blog I had already planned was about this:

Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese

Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese. I am not a huge cream cheese fan anyway, but I've been wanting to try as many dairy substitutes as I can. I probably wouldn't slather my bagel in this stuff, but a thin skim of it adds just enough flavor. I like it! I'd definitely substitute it for regular cream cheese in recipes like cakes, I've heard it's a good substitute in cheese cake... I just might have to try that out.


sallybranwyn said…
That faraway gaze that Ben has? That's him dreaming of me...and Tofutti cream cheese.
Betsy said…
I so agree he is better than cream cheese! I will have to give the tofutti a try if I ever find a gfcf bagel that I can tolerate.
Anonymous said…
I'm also gluten-free, casein-free, and my fiance is not...and loves cheesecake, it is by far his favorite dessert. I made a GFCF cheesecake with this stuff and he loved it and you couldn't tell it wasn't a regular cheesecake.

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