Gluten Free, Casein Free Girls Night

Last night Allie, Sally and I had a gluten-free, casein-free girls night at Sally's house. Neither of them are casein-free, only gluten-free so I really appreciated the effort they made to figure out what I could eat! Sally made chicken and broccoli, Allie made delicious potato salad with dill, and I made hot dogs in grape jelly and mustard, and chocolate covered strawberries. Everything was so yummy! Especially those chocolate dipped strawberries... oh man, so good. I just melted some tropical source chocolate chips in the microwave, dipped the strawberries, put them in the fridge, and served after dinner. The simplest yet most delicious desert I've ever made. I took some quick photos:



Did I mention how awesome these were????

Tropical Source chocolate chips are awesome, and they are 100% gluten and dairy free.

Ok, so now it's Sunday, it's beautiful outside, and I'm lazing around watching Dirty Dancing. It's mid April and I am at the heaviest weight I've been in years. I really need to clean up my diet, get back into the gym, and get healthy again. Being dairy free is still making me feel great, so much better, but I've been over-glutening and I think it's starting to get to me. But really, this weekend I hate a lot of junk food so I'm not surprised that I don't feel great this morning.
Well I guess I should get to the grocery store and buy some fruits and veggies! :-)


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