A Great Dairy Free Resource

Today I found the website I've been looking for! Go Dairy Free is an awesome resource for, well, going dairy free! I downloaded the e-book and it is totally worth it, plus the dairy free foods list. I'm so glad I did. The part that confuses me the most about going dairy free is interpreting labels. There are so many ingredients that sound like they could be dairy but are not, and then of course there are ones that don't sound at all like dairy but actually are. You all know how that goes, it's the same thing with gluten ingredients, but I've pretty much got that mastered. This book talks about all of that, plus so many other things like Kosher certification, vegan/vegetarian issues, milk substitutes in just about any situation, including powdered milk, buttermilk, etc. It's very comprehensive and I highly recommend it for anyone that's considering going dairy free.

I'm still feeling great, even after a holiday. Easter was the first holiday where I made it through the day without feeling sick at all. I even ate some chocolate. (Boom Choco Boom Rice Milk Chocolate!) My Mom announced at supper that I'm being my own doctor and doing a great job at it. It was nice to hear because sometimes I don't always know if she really "gets" what I'm going through. I brought some Earth Balance so I could have it on my baked potato and stuff at dinner and I put it on the table near my plate and I looked over and people are dunking their gluten/diary buttered knives into my spread!! I quickly put a stop to that!! Otherwise it was a great day and I'm so glad to be feeling so good.


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