Happy Marathon Monday.

Today is the Boston Marathon. Which for most people in Boston means a day off from work! Not me. We are closed every Monday holiday throughout the year. Columbus Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, President's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.... but the one day that the whole city all but shuts down, we are open. Spring is a busy time of year for us and my Dad calls it a good catch-up day. Not to be confused with a good ketchup day, which is how I always think of it because I'd rather be at Fenway eating a hot dog.

Today is the day I've decided to start counting calories again... yup. AGAIN. I've been a member at Calorie King.com for almost 3 years, and when I logged in today and updated my stats, the website was kind enough to tell me that since joining in 2006 I have gained 13 pounds. Isn't the point of that website to lose weight?? Yeah. Well clearly I misread the rules. I can blame it on the steroids if I want to, but really, I wasn't on Prednisone, I was one Entocort. The one that doesn't cause weight gain. So really, it's all my fault that tons of food found it's way to my stomach. Clearly my body is absorbing nutrients again which is also why I've gained weight... right? Yeah. That's it. No more excuses. Fortunately, 3 of those delicious little chocolate covered strawberries is only 24 calories. Hell yes! I am not the kind of person that can cut out all of the bad stuff. I lost 25 pounds on weight watchers by eating whatever I wanted, just less of it. I know that's not the best way but you know what? I don't care! I eat a lot healthier than I used to and so I don't really mind eating chocolate covered strawberries. It's dairy free, it's dark chocolate, it's got anti-oxidants! I WIN! I'm on a mission to lose about 20 pounds. Easy. No problem. I can do it. Eat generally healthy, eat less, exercise more. I'll keep you posted on how it's going. Anyone else out there jumping in on the weight loss bandwagon? Summer is fast approaching! I don't so much care about wearing a bikini ever again, I've just noticed fatty areas on my body that have never been fat before... and that's just wrong.

Yesterday I took stock of what I had in my kitchen so I could plan my food for the week. The cool thing is that of everything I have stocked, 100% of it is casein free, and only 3 items (out of about 30) contain gluten. I've been eating gluten, like I've said, to see how the dairy free thing is working. It's going pretty well so far, but I'd still like to cut it out for the most part anyway. It's just healthier that way. Ok, I'm off to eat lunch, and then log it in. Ugh. ;-)


Farty Girl said…
Hmmm... I'm new to your blog... but I'm curious how long you've been gluten free. I started late last summer, and since then, I've lost quite a bit of poundage. And I eat more carbs and crap than I did before when I was just plain old vegan. So if it's new to you, you probably will naturally lose weight anyway. Eat those strawberries up!

Not to quote Rachael Ray, but everything in moderation! It's the truth. :)
Unknown said…
Don't forget (re: the steroids) that everyone reacts differently to medicines. Just because the one you were on doesn't usually cause weight gain, doesn't mean that it didn't for you. Know what I mean? One of the meds I'm on, half the people gain weight & bitch & the other half love it because they've lost weight on it. Our bodies are wicked complex & totally unique.

Another deep thought from Diana. No charge.
Lisa said…
Oh Baby! Do I feel where you are coming from. I just went to my Weight Watcher's meeting and gained another 2.5 lbs. I've vowed to get rid of all the sweet treats in my house and not to buy any more! It will be hard, 'cause I'm a total sweets freak! I wish you well...keep us posted!

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