New and Improved, my Gluten AND Casein Free life!

What do you think? I'm still working on my web design skills, it's a slow process, and if I could just ignore the phones, I'd design all day. Alas, it's been a busy week, but can't complain about that! My two week experiment is not over yet, my doc's appointment isn't until next Tuesday, but I've already made my decision. I will most definitely be gluten and casein free from now on. There's absolutely no reason not to and a long list of reasons why I should. It's a no brainer. It's taken me almost an entire year to get here. My first post was on April 22, 2008 and here I am, April 2, 2009 and finally getting a grip of this lifestyle. So I learn a little more slowly than others, I always have.

I just read over some of the earlier posts and it's safe to say that I've learned a lot but as far as putting those lessons into practice, it's been baby steps. I would like to make some leaps and bounds! This casein experiment was a leap. A good one. I'm glad I did this. I'm ready to get my life back. Fully and completely. First things first, getting back into the gym. That is something that has been really frustrating lately. I've fallen so far off the exercise wagon that the dust has settled and I feel like if I even tried to workout I'd be the weakest of the weak. I hate that feeling after so many years of weight lifting and kickboxing. But I need to just suck it up and get back to it. I'm not weak, I'm feeling better, and once I start I know I'll fall right back into it. It's just the starting part that's go me stuck.


Sophie said…
Very cute new header, I envy your design skills :D
Marlow said…
Love the new header!!

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