Spring is finally here!

Quincy Center

I love spring!!! This weekend was summer though, here in Boston. So hot! And wouldn't you know it, both my automatic windows AND my air conditioner are broken. Hopefully I'll have them fixed asap! I take the train to work and it's close enough to my house to walk, so I only drive on the weekends. That means, my car kinda sits and literally rots in my parking lot. But I own it outright and it's not a foreign car so it's not too expensive to fix. Ok, enough about that, back to the subject at hand.

I lost 3 pounds my first week back to "dieting." Admittedly, I didn't stick to it very closely. I had this idea in my mind that I hadn't actually gained that much weight and I could just kinda loosely focus on dieting and I'd be fine. Then I went to Old Navy and tried on a pair of cropped pants... I don't think "tried on" is the right word, they didn't get past my knees! I won't even tell you about the bathing suit. I'm just going to go with the theory that Old Navy clothes are geared more to teens and that is why nothing fit. I only went in there to pick up a pair of their cheap flip flops! I shouldn't have bothered with clothes, I did go home with one shirt though. It just made me realize that I have actually gained 20 pounds and that 20 pounds is not insignificant. But more than that, I need to get back to the gym! I still haven't gone, I was going to go yesterday but ended up watching Sex and the City instead. I just love that movie. Oops.

But I did want to talk about one thing that I am getting a solid grasp of, and that is my issues with binge eating that I talked about a while back. I've really made a lot of progress in this area. Being dairy free really helps though because one of the things that used to set off a binge was chocolate. Ice cream was also a big one. It's funny, eating a banana never sets off a binge, but eating a snickers could send me into a tailspin. The benefits to being dairy free are even more than I thought they'd be! It's still going strong. I feel great. I haven't had many recipes or products to post about because I haven't been doing a lot of cooking, spring is such a busy time. I'm really glad it's here though, I'm really looking forward to eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies!


nikki8 said…
I can relate to the binge eating for sure. I recently got that under control through energy therapy (I sent you a link to that). But I agree with you that having dietary restrictions really does have benefits when it comes to weight loss. Usually at a pot luck or a party, I can't have very much. I look at it all and think about how unhealthy it is anyway and how much weight i could gain if I wasn't gluten free. That always helps me make peace with it. Are you using CK again and logging or are you just focusing on making better choices? I like your "rules". Very common sense. Good luck, Jen.

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