And the clouds rolled in, just in time for the long weekend.

I'm leaving work in one hour to head up to see the New Doc!!!! Finally the day has arrived!! I hope this goes well.... I will update later.

This morning I signed up to be a Daring Cook! I've always loved the Daring Bakers but I didn't want to bake all the time since everyone around me is trying to lose weight (myself included!). And now that they've just started up the Daring Cooks I just had to join in the fun. Can't wait to see what my first assignment will be! If you're interested in becoming a Daring Baker or Cook, check out The Daring!

I also have some exciting things in the works, an article, new products, recipes... this blog should be gearing back up very quickly! Stay tuned! Next week will be one year since Crohn's diagnosis. I can't believe it's been a year. I have achieved so much in the past year and I still have a journey ahead, but hopefully the really hard part is over!


Allie said…
You've done great jen!! I can't believe it's been a year either - Yowzah.

GOOD LUCK WITH THE NEW DOC!!!!! I hope it goes well!!
Liz said…
Do let us know about the doc's appointment! I'm crossing my fingers for you!

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