Anxiety sets in.

I've been calm all day and I just looked at the clock and noticed it's quarter of 2. Only 3 hours left before I get to race home, get cleaned up, and meet my date for dinner. This is just about the time when my stomach starts to get all fluttery.. oh yep, there it is! Starts in the gut and then it's like an electric current throughout my body.

Thanks everyone for your advice and words of encouragement. I think that I will keep quiet, unless the subject comes up, for now. See how tonight goes, and then we'll go from there. Now what am I going to wear?!?! It's really hot out and I haven't had a chance to evaluate what's left of last year's summer clothes. I do know that there isn't much to pick from unfortunately, and I don't have time to go shopping.

And then, tomorrow morning, Fructose test. I have to get up at 5am... yuck!


Allie said…
ahh.... good luck on your date! i meant to comment here the other day! have fun :)

also - good luck with the fructose test... think you'll finish eclipse?
sallybranwyn said…
Can't wait to hear how it went.

That nauseous feeling in your stomach...that's precisely why I hate dating. A necessary evil, I'm told.

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