Cupcakes that don't hurt, who woulda thunk?

Last night I was down in the dumps. I had eaten poorly throughout the day, went home, and curled up on my couch to watch tv. My roommate came home shortly after and walked into the living room with a big box and says "who want's early birthday presents???" and I'm like... what?? What is that?? So I open it and inside I find....

(sorry for the crappy pics, used my small camera, sans flash, and didn't feel like photoshopping)

I was SO excited!!!! Babycakes!!!! She had no idea that I'd been eyeing this stuff for a while now. She just was looking online for cupcakes that were dairy free since the local joints only seem to sell gluten-free, but dairy filled, cupcakes. Needless to say, I dove right in.

I got three flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and carrot. They also sell red velvet which I would like to try someday. They came all individually wrapped with a jar of vanilla frosting on the side:


Babycakes Frosting

I tried the chocolate first of course, as you all know, chocolate is my weakness!

Babycakes Chocolate Cupcake

It was very dense, not light and fluffy, but it had good flavor. The frosting was delicious. I had been looking for a CF buttercream recipe but hadn't tried any yet. I'm so glad I didn't bake the other night! I tried the vanilla next, definitely not your traditional vanilla cupcake, it kinda reminded me of a Dunkin Donuts plain donut. I froze half the dozen and will eat the other half quickly I'm sure.

If you're not familiar with Babycakes, they are a vegan bakery in New York. They sell many gluten-free selections as well as baked goods that are made with spelt (a gluten grain). Check out their website for more info!

Today is my actual birthday (29!) and my very first birthday wish was sent at 8:15 this morning from none other than... the boy. Totally awesome.


Jennifer said…
Ooh! Cupcakes AND birthday wishes from a boy?? Girl, you couldn't ask for a better start to a birthday! I hope it's great!
Anonymous said…
you can't go wrong with cupcakes and messages from boys :)
i can't wait to hear about your lactose and fructose test results.
interesting stuff!
Ooooh my goodness. I so miss babycakes. So very very much. This post made me oh so hungry.

The cookbook is coming out soon and I couldn't be happier! (Though, um, I bet my waistline in none too excited...oh well! cupcakes!!)

Happy, happy birthday!!

- Dana
Unknown said…
I love babycakes, but if you can't get your hands on babycakes, try Starbucks new Gluten Free Orange Valencia Cake...I am a big fan of these easy to find and moderately priced gfcfsf treat.
Happy Birthday!
Allie said…
that is awesome! what a great roommate and such a nice birthday treat! :)

hope you had a fab day...

btw - how was the test? did you read almost all of breaking dawn? when are you getting results?

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