I'm such a girl.

Have I really not posted since last Thursday, date day? Just proves that I'm crazy. Allow me to explain. The date went very well. Very very well indeed. The long weekend was coming up and although I knew that he was too busy, I hoped (too much so) that I'd get to see him. You see, he's moving this coming weekend and not only did he have to go to a couple of BBQ's over the long weekend but he also had to pack. By himself. All his stuff. And he'll be packing the rest of this week and moving next weekend. He said it would be hard to find time to see me, but if he could, he'd call and we'd try to figure something out. He hasn't called. So clearly, I'm going out of my mind, thinking he just doesn't like me anymore. When clearly in his mind, he's thinking we discussed it, I'm cool, and he'll call me when he can. Little does he know.. I'M NOT COOL. Oh yeah, I claim to be "laid back" and "easy going" and all that stuff we say we are to get them hooked. But what he doesn't know that inside this crazy brain of mine, I've already got him dating 3 other girls behind my back. Ok not really. And I actually am pretty laid back, after the initial "are we dating or are we not dating" period is over. But this beginning stuff? I don't handle it well. I just like to skip this part!!

Anyway. I have no intention of turning this blog into my personal dating life blog. I actually try to stay away from all the personal stuff that's not diet related. I just am consumed by this dating thing right now so it's all I've got to talk about.

I haven't heard any results from my Celiac or fructose tests yet. My lactose test is Thursday morning.


Anonymous said…
Ummm...yes...you are SUCH a girl :-)

And because you are, you'll live - strive - regardless of the outcome.
Farty Girl said…
I do the same thing, whenever I think something's going on with myself and a guy. So does everyone I know! No big deal. :) I hope he calls!

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