The long road to recovery.

My appointment with the new doc is less than a week away... HALLELUJAH!!! I'm getting over yet another UTI. The good news is, I didn't land in the ER this time!! First time in two years that an infection/illness hasn't landed me on the bathroom floor and subsequently hooked up to an IV. I'm getting better, finally! Unfortunately, I had a nasty reaction to the antibiotic that they put me on and was down for 4 days straight. I missed most of my cousin's son's first communion. I don't mind missing three days of work though! I'm still feeling a little funky, but my gut (pardon) is telling me that it's the gluten. I've been dairy free for over a month now and at first it was all sunshine and rainbows and then lately I've been starting to feel that fuzzy, brain foggy, yucky feeling. The backaches. The general digestive discomfort. It's so mild that it's almost ignorable, but it's nagging at me just enough to make me want to cut it out immediately. I still want to wait until after I see the new doc anyway.

I got an awesome email today from a new blog reader. She was diagnosed with Crohn's 20 years ago and it wasn't until a year ago, when she took her son for a consult about his possible ADHD symptoms, that she was told that they both should try a gf/cf diet. It sounds like it was just what they both needed, and was really encouraging to me. I have to say that most Crohn's patients are told that diet has nothing to do with it so they suffer and it's really sad and frustrating to me. Doctors just keep pumping us full of medications that don't work, and then say they don't know what else to do. Surgery is usually the next step, and even that is usually not a fix. We're told it's a chronic disease, it's permanent, there's nothing they can do. But I firmly believe that with the proper nutritional guidance, it can be significantly helped, if not cured! I am sure with all of my being that I will be healthy again some day. Look at the progress I've made so far! I'm determined to get there. I hope that others out there that are reading this and can't figure out how to get better will take what I say to heart. Try it. What have you got to lose? It's not going to hurt you to cut out dairy, or gluten, or whatever it is that triggers your symptoms, I promise. And you just might be very surprised at the results!


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