Bob rocks my world.

Last night I got home from work and had every intention of going to the gym. I walked in the door and thought that I might just take one minute of rest on the couch. Then I realized that I was hungry! But there was not much food in the house, so of course I needed to go to the grocery store. I picked up some steak and peppers and onions, went home, stir fried them up and had dinner. It's now 7:30ish. I need to be ready to watch Jon & Kate announce their separation at 9 so I clearly don't have enough time to go to the gym! I have to do something. No more of this sitting around and doing nothing! So I remember that there's exercise tv on demand and I check it out. I think I'll do some yoga. Well, what do you know, there's yoga with Bob!! -->

Yoga is supposed to be calming right? No this was not a calming evening yoga session, this is yoga for weight loss, which translates loosely to "bring on the pain". Ok so it wasn't that bad, I'm just a little out of practice. Not to mention that I have about a 4'x6' space to workout in, and I'm 6' tall... at one point I kicked my makeup table and bottles of lotion and hairspray went flying. Awesome. But I'm glad I did it. And I still love Bob.

Jon & Kate was sad. If you missed it, here's what happened: The kids got new crooked houses to play in, which were really cool, that company is gonna make a lot of money off of that episode. Kate is sad because she doesn't want to be alone. Jon is excited for the new chapter in his life, "I'm only 32!" he says, which sounds to me like "waaahoooo time to get back my twenties!!!" which he's obviously already been trying to do. He also made a comment about the papparazzi being all up in his business and how there are soldiers dying in Iraq but they are more concerned about what he eats for lunch.... dude seriously??? You and your wife put your family into the public eye, you got what you asked for. If you really wanted video to document your kids lives you should've bought a camcorder.

On a lighter note, I bought some nectarines last night and they're in a paper bag getting ripe. I can't wait to eat one, they are my favorite!


Lisa said…
LOL! Jenny, you made me laugh! I love Bob too. He's awesome! I bought my husband Jillian's 30-day Shred DVD, and that's also a great 20 minute workout for those nights you don't want to go to the gym!

You are also dead-on with the Jon and Kate situation. I said the exact same thing to my husband last night after seeing Jon in his skull t-shirt with both ears pierced! Is he for real???

Happy that you're still blogging!

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