Weekends, especially in the summer, are always the times when I lose my focus and wind up eating something I shouldn't. This weekend it started on Friday morning with that donut. Saturday started out ok with oatmeal and then a turkey sandwich but by the end of the day after two barbecues I had eaten brownies, chocolate candies, and ice cream cake. Yesterday it was a cheeseburger and another ice cream. Today my back and hips are killing me and my stomach is uneasy. I just said to my Father last week, "I've been eating really well and I feel fabulous" and now... not so much. The problem now is that I don't feel the affects right away anymore, so I eat one thing, I feel fine, and then I eat another, and another. A few minutes, hours, days later it hits me. I also did not get any exercise in but I'm not too worried about that. So basically, I'm sitting at work, drinking lots of water, not eating any dairy and hoping this passes soon. Thankfully it's a short week and then a 4 day weekend! I can't wait.


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