Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

I didn't realize I hadn't blogged in over a week!! Sorry folks! I actually have a lot to talk about, last week I received a shipment of NaSoya Silken Creations, and today I received a shipment of Bhuja snacks and also a Betty Crocker prize pack containing each of the four new gluten free baked goods!! I will also be doing a giveaway of a Betty Crocker prize pack to one lucky reader!

July 4th is always my favorite time of year, actually, the 3rd is my favorite, it's the day I get to see my old friends from high school. This year was just as good as the past 11!! The weekend was beautiful thankfully, after a month of miserable weather. Friday I drove down to Plymouth, went to the BBQ with the friends, drank 5 or 6 too many cocktails... went back to my parents' the next morning just in time for the family 4th BBQ to start. Slept most of the day, waking up and going outside just long enough to eat. Watched the Boston fireworks on tv that night. We had some family members staying with us for the weekend so we all got up the next day and went to breakfast. Spent the rest of the day lounging around, swimming, eating, getting sunburnt, feeling crappy still/again, and sleeping some more. Eventually made it back home, spent all day yesterday in pajamas and now I'm back at work, finally feeling human again. It was a great holiday weekend and I'm really glad I had that extra day yesterday. Today the nasty weather is back! But I don't mind because I'm working. I'll get back to normal posting tomorrow with all of the fun things I mentioned above! I'm not sure how I'm going to do this contest... who's interested in some gluten free Betty Crocker?!?!


sallybranwyn said…
oh how I love Bhuja!
Jennifer said…
That sounds like a great holiday weekend!

And how do you get all these free samples??

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