Gluten Free Social Networking

The internet has really helped the gluten free community to thrive! Lately I've been all over the internet signing up for this and that and adding friends and it's way too much fun. Some of the places you can find me are:

Gluten Free Faces - It's like Facebook for GF people!

Foodbuzz - A place for foodies to share recipes, blogs, make connections.

Twitter - @MySugarAndSpice - Follow me so I can follow you!

I haven't set up a Facebook page yet. I do have a personal one, but I'm keeping that private for friends and family use only. If I ever find the need, maybe I'll set up a page for this website.

What other websites do you guys use to stay connected?


Amy Green said…
Thanks for sharing those - I didn't know about Gluten-Free Faces. BTW - I'm following you now. :)

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