Nasoya Silken Creations

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A while ago, Vanessa alerted me to a new dairy free product on the market and I emailed the company to see if I could get some samples. The people at Nasoya were nice enough to send me two packages of each, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla Silken Creations. From their website:

New Nasoya® Silken Creations is a rich, creamy pudding-like base that cuts the calories, fat and gives a jump start to all of your favorite dessert recipes from pies and cakes to frozen treats and smoothies. It’s even a decadent treat right out of the package!

Naturally flavored, lactose & dairy free, low in fat & calories, vegan, and gluten free, Silken Creations comes in three popular flavors, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.

Chef, nutrition educator, and cookbook author Maribeth Abrams enjoys the versatility of “Silken Creations”. She says, “Silken Creations adds a rich chocolate flavor to Chocolate Mousse and cake recipes. The smooth and creamy consistency of the Vanilla really gives a boost to Key Lime Pie, puddings, frosting, and fillings. The strawberry makes every fruit smoothie taste delectable!”

Made from whole soybeans and sweetened with cane juice, Silken Creations is low in calories (only 110-130 per half cup serving), low in fat (only 1-1.5 grams) and is a good source of protein (3-4 grams).

Of course, I dove into the chocolate first. I wanted to see what it tasted like by itself so I just grabbed a little dish and served some up plain.

Chocolate Pudding

It was delicious! A smooth, dark chocolate pudding. I just found a recipe on the Nasoya website for a chocolate peanut butter pie. I am definitely going to make that soon!

Ironically enough, the day before I received the package, I had read a recipe on Carrots n' Cake that used the vanilla Silken Creations to make a simple "vanilla" cake. I thought that would be perfect for the 4th of July weekend. I used the recipe exactly as I found it (not gluten free).

The Stuff

Ready for the Oven

Finished Cake

The cake smelled really good, but honestly, the taste was not good at all. Very blah, tasteless, not good. Tina said her's was delicious, so maybe something wasn't right. I had brought the stuff down to my Mom's house and the silken creation had kinda melted so maybe that was the issue? I'm not discouraged though, I'm looking forward to doing something different with the other package of vanilla. As I was resting on the couch at my Mom's on the 4th, I overheard some family members trying the cake... they agreed.. not good!!

I have not tried the strawberry yet so look for that post soon! I definitely recommend these products for many dairy free uses, the website has tons of recipes, check them out!


Amy Green said…
That is a great product review. I always find it so helpful when people give honest feedback on new products they've tried because it can save us lots of time and money. I can't eat cane juice - otherwise I was going to try to make ice cream with it. The cake looked good even if it tasted bad.

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