One of the proudest days of my life.

Saturday I spent the day with my sister. I'm grew up in Plymouth, MA (yes, that's where the Pilgrims landed!) and she still lives there along with the rest of my family. I spend a lot of time there because I absolutely love that town (and my family, of course). First we had some lunch at a little sub shop where I saw a rack card for a cupcake shop. I figured they wouldn't be gluten or dairy free, but I had to check it out anyway. But before that, we took a walk along the waterfront. I grew up on the south shore and I can't imagine ever living away from the ocean. How could you stay away from this?:

That lady is taking her dingy out to her bigger boat, not sailing off into the sunset in that little floater! ;-)

Finally we made our way back to the cupcake shop. Since I'm gradually finding my way back to the gluten free lifestyle, I knew I was going to go ahead and eat one of these, despite the fact that nevermind the gluten, the dairy would bother me. But after looking at all of these....

Lots of Cupcakes

I couldn't resist! I ordered the mint chocolate and my sister ordered the lemon

Cupcake Charlie's Fresh

We took them back to Mom's and sat by the pool enjoying our treats, Diana was surprised to find lemon filling in hers!

Cupcake Charlie's

She's never seen me in blogger action so she got a kick out of me making her pose with cupcakes!

We had a really nice day together. I don't get to spend a lot of one on one time with her so it was really great, and she's 18 weeks pregnant which is so exciting! The first baby of our immediate family, I can't wait to be an auntie!!! Today was even better though because she went in for an ultrasound and found out that she's having a GIRL!!!! I cried when I saw these:

My Niece!!! Waving Hello :)
Waving Hi!!

My Niece!!!
Beautiful Baby Girl!

They haven't come up with a name yet, we are all just excited that it's a girl and she's healthy and we can't wait to meet her in December! This is one of those moments that you take with you for the rest of your life. It also makes my biological clock start ticking.... eeeek. Diana is 3 years younger than me and she's married with a baby on the way! I've enjoyed the single life throughout my twenties, but I wouldn't mind settling down now. It'll happen when the time is right! :)


Unknown said…
Great pics all around but especially the ultrasound ones! It's amazing how clear they are. Congrats to you & your family!
sallybranwyn said…
How great, Auntie! Congrats to your sister!
Jennifer said…
it amazes me how much better ultrasound pictures are now than they used to be. congrats all around!
Anonymous said…
hey there thanks for the cool post on your blog! I love the pictures. I also have a blog and mention cupcake charlie's too often! My son actually is the manager there with his wife Katie and I work three days a week. I hope you'll stop by and tell me I commented on your blog!~Donna

my daughter and her hubby own cupcake charlies so i really appreciate your putting the new plymouth store case on your blog. the ultrasound of the baby is wonderful!! best wishes to the new parents and auntie..

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