Review: Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cakes

ETA: I have still not been able to get ahold of Jamie, the winner of the giveaway. If I have not heard back by the end of the day, I will re-draw a new winner! Stay tuned...

This weekend I had a BBQ to go to, so I thought it would be the perfect time to bake some Betty Crocker Gluten Free cupcakes. Once again, I followed the recipes on the Betty Crocker website so that my gluten free cupcakes would also be dairy free. I baked both the vanilla and chocolate mixes. First, let me just say that baking in 87% humidity is NOT my idea of a good time, (I do not have air conditioning in my apartment!) but these were so quick and easy to make it wasn't so bad.

First I baked the vanilla:


Then the chocolate:


And then after letting them cool, I whipped up a basic buttercream frosting using Earth Balance Buttery Spread for the butter, and Light Vanilla Almond Milk for the milk. I used the recipe found on the box of confectionery sugar. It turned out great. I put a little too much milk in it so it was a little more runny than I prefer, but it tasted delicious.


I had to test them out before I left the house. Didn't want to bring gross cupcakes to a BBQ! My roommate and I split one of each. We tried the vanilla first. They were a little dry. I baked them for 20 minutes, the recipe recommends 18-23. Next time I'd check them at 16. They also had a funny taste, both of us were reminded a little bit of a corn muffin. I was surprised because I've read so many great reviews of this mix. I wonder, once again, if it's because of the shortening in the place of butter? Next time I might try making them with Earth Balance. Next up was the chocolate (devil's food) and we were both pleased. These tasted like devil's food cake, moist and delicious and chocolatey. Very impressed.

Overall so far I've had good results with the Betty Crocker mixes. The brownies and devil's food cake were great, the vanilla cake might just need some tweaking. I haven't tried the cookies yet but I'm sure that will happen soon enough! I need a break from sweets though so they'll have to wait until I have another gathering to go to so that I can share them.


Sophie said…
You know, my hubby is always intimidated to bake gluten free! But I was so happy to hear about these cake mixes being released because now he can bake gf cakes without having to worry :D. They do look yummy.
Allie said…
I made the yellow cake this weekend actually!

i thought they were great - didn't notice a weird flavor, but they were very cake-y, although, i tend to be a fan of that. I may actually add a little more vanilla and maybe a bit more sugar next time....

those pancakes look awesome too! forgot about chocolate chip pancakes!!
sallybranwyn said…
I'm tempted to create a "gathering" just so that you can bake and bring me sweets. :)

I have a GF pie crust/tart recipe to try...will post on my blog later in the week, hopefully! I'll let you know about the dairy-free status then too.
Anna said…
hey jen - were you able to hear back from jamie? i'm still crossing my fingers that my name will be drawn (i still can't find the betty crocker mixes anywhere in new orleans!)
Barbara GF said…
These are luscious-looking cupcakes, Jen, gluten-free or not!
I don't think I've ever seen those mixes from Betty Crocker; will be on the lookout, though.

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