Review: Bhuja Snacks

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I first discovered Bhuja snacks at the Gluten Free Cooking Spree last year and I loved them. Recently I received a bag of each of the four varieties for reviewing. I've so far only opened the cracker mix which is a mix of "crispy multigrain noodles, crunchy garden peas, peanuts and rice crackers with a savoury blend of aromatic spices." There are also raisins in the mix which add a nice sweetness because this mix is spicy! But it's not nearly as hot as the original mix, which I tried last year also. I love this stuff, it's a great alternative to chex mix. It goes great with a hard cider!


It's Indian spicy, so if you aren't a fan of that kind of spice you might not like it, but I think it's great! I am looking forward to trying the fruit and nut mixes.


Kim said…
Haven't had the snack mix, but I love that cider! Have some in my fridge right now! ;)
Cindy said…
I like your new header!
Jen said…
Kim - I love Woodchuck!!

Cindy - Thanks!!!
Unknown said…
Love the header!
sallybranwyn said…
Adding my love for your new header!

I'm a Bhuja fan! That stuff is salty bar food if ever there was any! It also goes delightfully with Original Sin cider. ;)
Jen said…
Thanks Di and Sally!!
Liz said…
Nice header BTW! Did you design it?

I heart bhuja snacks -- they are sooo tasty.

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