We're going Pro.

You may have noticed some changes to the blog lately. I wrote last week about the new domain, but now I'm sure you've noticed the new buttons and ads.

::gasp, ads?!?!::

Over a year ago when I started writing, I swore that I would never monetize the blog. I would stay pure and true and commercial free!! And then I started getting more traffic and made my way higher up on the Google and companies started emailing me. Of course I'm more than happy to receive samples and coupons and do reviews, that's the fun part. I was hesitant to get involved in affiliate programs and other things that lead to ad placement. A while ago I received an email from Triumph Dining, talking about the affiliate program that they were going to launch. I love Triumph and think it's a great resource for the gluten free community, so I was open to that. When they told me recently that the program was up and running, I didn't hesitate to drop a couple buttons in my sidebar. Then I found Foodbuzz. I had noticed some other bloggers had become Foodbuzz Featured Publishers and I wanted to be one too!! So I signed up. And now you see that ad banner in my sidebar. ::sigh:: I officially have broken my promise to myself.

The thing is, I'm here to write about food and awareness for food intolerance, allergies, and autoimmune disease. I want to help people that are looking for answers and recipes and products that they can enjoy. I love to do it and if that means promoting some great companies that support people like us, then I'll do it! Becoming a featured publisher is just going to give me a wider audience which will just promote awareness and I'm all for it. I will do my best to make sure this place doesn't become a billboard, and will only allow ads that are relevant to you, my readers. The content, if anything, will just get better because I'll be writing more often and more focused posts. I will also start labeling posts so they're easier to find. It's only going to get better from here, so stay tuned!! And as always, THANK YOU for reading!!!!


Unknown said…
I think it's amazing & wonderful that you are having such success with your blog!

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