Rants and Raves

Apologies for the lack of posts! You know, sometimes you just need to step away from the computer for a while. But I'm still here, and the sugar experiment is going well so far. I haven't gone cold turkey but I'm making progress and I think my skin is responding. Now, on to the real stuff. First, the rants:

This morning I'm sitting at my desk having a lovely day, when a guy that used to work for us stops by. He was "let go" almost a year and a half ago. Pre-Crohn's diagnosis, which means pre-steroids, which means the last time he saw me I was at my lowest weight. Now I realize that people have noticed that I've put on a few pounds, it is what it is. Most people know why/how it happened and are sympathetic. Well this guy takes one look at me and goes "what did you do to yourself?" and I'm thinking I have spilled ink on my shirt, or fell and scraped the skin off my face without noticing and that's what he's referring to... but I check myself out and nope, still look the same as I did this morning. So I say "what do you mean??" and he pauses (very briefly) and says "Well it looks like you've gained some weight!" ....... collect yourselves.. I'll wait...

Ok, good? Yeah so I sharply reply "Well I was diagnosed with CROHN'S disease last year and was on STEROIDS and gained THIRTY POUNDS!" and he says "Well you still look good, your face just looks a little pudgy, or puffy" or whatever.


I didn't cry. I'm not a delicate flower. But I was upset. My first immediate reaction to myself was that I was kinda glad to hear it. Weird? Well I worked so hard to lose the weight before, only to instantly gain it back through no control of my own, and then do nothing to fix it. I have been off steroids for 10 months? 11? And I've talked a big game about losing the weight but have not made any valiant efforts. I kinda needed that slap in the face. It's nice to hear blatant honesty sometimes. And the truth is, he didn't mean to be mean. He and I used to talk a lot about losing weight and eating right and working out because I he had seen me lose the weight before. So I'm sure to walk in and see me heavier than he's ever seen me was a surprise. I'm not mad at ya E. Thanks for the wake up. So I did what any sane person would do, I ate a cheeseburger for lunch. With french fries. I thought about starving myself, but that's just eating disorder behavior. I could've had a sensible lunch too, but what fun is that? Aren't I always preaching about moderation? So yeah, I'm over it. But now maybe I'll try a little harder.

Now, onto the Raves. I went to Burton's on Friday night with Liz and Sally. Liz moved away :( but she was back in town for a couple weeks so I was excited when she asked to plan a gf dinner out! Sally had been there before so we knew it was safe. I wrote a review on Yelp so if you want to read more about it go here. I'll just post the photos here:

Gluten free dinner rolls with herb butter: YUM

Gluten Free Rolls

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis (not GF! but awesome)

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

Chicken Roulade with Lobster Risotto - oh.my.gosh heavenly

Burton's Grill Chicken Roulade

Yes I ate gluten and dairy and yes I paid for it, but it was so delicious!!!! That's one of the drawbacks of having crohn's instead of celiac. I'm not required to eat gf/cf I just choose to, which means sometimes I choose NOT to. Sometimes I suffer, sometimes I don't. But I feel a heck of a lot better now than I ever have, so I'm not complaining!!


Farty Girl said…
I ate a little tiny bit of gluten the other night too... at a vegan chinese place. I mean wouldn't you? I just had to try everything... surprise surprise, seitan is amazing! It tastes just like chicken.

And your little mis-step, hey, it was for sierra nevada, which is, like, the best beer of the effin planet. <3
Mad Doc Mim said…
If you really want to lose weight, you should try sparkpeople.com, it's 100% free, I'm a member and lost 50 pounds there, and am still involved in the community trying to lose my last 20lbs. There are tons of helpful people, many gluten and dairy free and some with Crohn's. I'm gluten-free so I chat with some of the celiac's. Ok, enough plug. I live in Western Mass, so I'll have to try that place in Boston sometime with the gf rolls.

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