An Update

Yup, it's been pretty quiet around here. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Sunday I sat down with my family and we decided together that my time as an employee of the printing business is up. I'm finished. Joining the ranks of the unemployed due to economic woes. This business, quite honestly, has been on a roller coaster ride for a while now. I am not surprised that it has come to this. I won't get into all the nitty gritty details because this blog has never been about work so you don't need to know all that. Just know that the biggest reason I haven't been writing is because my attention has been needed elsewhere.

Since I'm writing now, I should tell you that the sugar experiment has gone very well. My skin has almost completely cleared up! I've had a bit of a bad week food-wise so my stomach is a mess, a result of being laid off, but I'm going to remedy that asap. I'm feeling good, I'm positive about the future and excited for a big change of scenery. Working with the family in our own business was an experience I'll cherish forever, but it most definitely taught me that I do not ever want to own my own business! It's way too much stress. I'd much rather work for someone else and leave work at work. Have my weekends to myself. And actually get to take vacation time. For real. I can't say I'm not excited about being unemployed for a short time either. I just hope it's not too much of a time. Not only will I get bored, but I need a real paycheck! Unemployment will barely cover my expenses. Actually, honestly, it won't, but I'm going to work that out.

I have no idea when, or if, I'll get back to regular writing. This blog has been an awesome experience as well but it might be time to wrap it up. I need to focus on stepping away from the computer for a while. I've been glued to it for far too long. Thanks everyone for the journey and all your support. I'm not saying goodbye, I'm saying see you when I see you. :)


LizNoVeggieGirl said…
Stay strong!! I'll miss you and your blog :(
Allie said…


just back from the honeymoon - will send along an email later. wow.
Anonymous said…
...bummer. i enjoyed reading your blogs, sad to see youre done.
Liz said…
No pressure. But I miss you! (And I totally understand a break from being in front of the computer -- I had one this summer :)

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