What's the real deal about sugar?

Ok all you sugar experts out there, I have some questions. I've been doing some research and I'm confused about cutting out sugar. I see that people cut out white, refined sugar and HFCS, but then say that they use maple syrup, honey, molasses, and other things as substitutes. But the thing is that, all of those are sugar too... so what gives? What's the logic? I read on Wikipedia that black strap molasses is full of nutrients, technically it goes through the same processing as the sugar that's extracted so what's the difference? So many questions... I'd love some insight!


NaTy said…
funny. i just posted about my addiction to sugar....the good ol' white and brown sugar kinds. :)
erin @ glutenfreewithapurpose
Mad Doc Mim said…
All of these things eventually break down to sugar in your system and you need to cut back on them. The bonus to the natural ones is that they tend to flavor things better with smaller amounts, so I can use a tsp of honey in a half-cup of plain yogurt with some fruit. I also like agave nectar because it tends to not spike blood sugar as badly as others. My suggestion, cut back on ALL added sugars and stick to the kinds found packaged in fiber filled fruit. You completely lose the taste for very sweet things after a couple of weeks, I know, I did it.
Farty Girl said…
I second what Melissa says. With these two cents.

Many people believe it's okay to eat honey and maple syrup when they are unrefined. It's the same argument as to why it's better to eat wheat berries over bread. Less refined substances take longer to burn in your system. They give you more energy for a longer amount of time. And they don't mess with your blood sugar as bad as refined sugar.

When it comes to less refined sugar, agave and fruit are the healthiest.

I was on unrefined sugars for a while, but recently I cut out everything except for agave and fruit. I can slurp up raspberry smoothies with no bad effects. No zits. No insomnia. No cravings.

That's just me though. You may want to try different sugars out to see how it works for you. :)

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