Gluten Free Girls Night Out!

Tonight I'm heading out for dinner with Sally, Allie and a new friend, Lisa. I'm pretty excited that we're hitting up P.F. Chang's because I have never been there. I just got my hair cut too so that's exciting. It looks good, but it's a safe choice for me. I have really long hair and I was going to cut it very very short, like chin length. But as soon as I sat in the chair she says "you have very pretty hair" and it was all over. I couldn't do it. So I got about 4 inches cut off and now it rests just below my shoulders. I like it though.

Yesterday I went to see The Doc and he informed me that my B-12 level is getting dangerously low. The range for normal is 200-900 and my number is 294 and dropping. Because B-12 is absorbed in the TI (terminal ileum), my crohn's disease is causing me to not absorb it. He suggested trying supplements first and if that doesn't work I'll have to get injections. Of course I came home and immediately googled it... turns out this is common for Crohn's patients, and I will have to supplement forever. If it turns out I need shots, I will have to have shots FOREVER. Awesome! But the upside is that the low levels of B-12 could be causing my terrible fatigue problems so I hope the supplement works. And the cool thing is, they are disolvable little tablets that taste like kids chewable vitamins. I really hope I see an increase in energy soon, I haven't been exercising and I really need to! I hate feeling weak and tired all the time. I can barely walk up stairs anymore without getting really winded. I took one tablet today and I feel good, I'm sure it won't help overnight but hopefully sooner rather than later!

Well, I am off to dinner! I'll bring my camera....


LizNoVeggieGirl said…
Have a blast tonight! :)
iampalegreen said…
How fun! PF Changs' gluten free menu is delicious...that chocolate dome?! wow!

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