Going Gluten Free: Take #3,472

Well, I don't know how many of my regular readers are still reading after my little hiatus, but if you've been hanging out with me for a while, you'll understand why this post is so important to me. I took a little break, but then started blogging again last week when I wanted to share my delicious pork and potato/apple/onion dinner with you. I went to see the doc, found out my B12 level was bottoming out, and it made me realize that although I feel better, I am probably not actually healing on the inside. If anything, my insides are silently getting worse. Yes I still have grumbles and groans and cramps and gas and pains and diarrhea and constipation, just to a MUCH lesser degree, thank you pharmaceuticals. But is that really a smart way to live? Eating whatever I want knowing that it's causing my insides to attach themselves?

I've been gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free at different times. I've considered the SCD on more than one occasion. I've seen the benefits of my efforts, and I've seen my body break down literally to the point of losing consciousness when I am not taking proper care. Numerous times. I don't ever want to see the insides of the emergency room ever again.

So why am I writing this out of the blue again? Are you thinking to yourself... oh boy, here she goes again! ? Well let me explain. Last night I received an email from a man named AJ. He's a biochemist that also happens to have Crohn's disease. I'm not going to get into all the details of the conversation we've been having, but just tell you that everything he says confirms all of the research I've done myself. He has scientific proof that Crohn's disease is directly related to diet. I can't get into all the scientific terms becaues I don't fully understand them myself, and I know I'll botch it all up, but the bottom line is that what I've always known to be true, is actually true. Gluten, dairy, sugar..... the common denominator = starch. It's not necessarily the gluten protein, it's the starch in gluten grains, it's also sugars, fructose, lactose, sucrose, sorbitol, malitol... makes complete sense now. The problem I have with sugars are an autoimmune response, not the typical hydrogen response in someone with lactose or fructose intolerance, hence the reason my tests came back negative.

I was blown away by what AJ had to say and we are still having the conversation. He's trying to get his book pulished so once I have more info on this I'll most definitely share it with you. Especially my Crohn's readers.

So now what? He recommends gluten free, low carb, and add probiotics. I of course will also be dairy free. Will I do it? I guess you'll have to keep reading to find out! I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment but now's the best time to do it. I have all the time in the world to make it work. We'll see what happens next.


Liz said…
The research on this topic is truly fascinating. My sister is working on this topic too relating to the female reproductive system.

You can do it Jenny! You've done it before and once you decide and pledge to eat this way, you'll fall back in to it I'm sure.

Maybe thinking of it as a necessity -- you MUST eat this way to feel well, and not just an experiment will help keep you less tempted? I know my Enterolab diagnosis did that for me.
GFG said…
That's really interesting Jen. I'm curious to know where AJ does his research. There is quite a bit of research to suggest that gluten is difficult for the human digestive system to process and takes a bit more work to digest. For someone like you with a troubled GI tract, it will probably benefit you to stay away from it. Don't sweat it though - you've got your GFG's to back you up :) Once you get the hang of it, its really not so bad!

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