I went shopping today and didn't yawn or need to sit down once....

I've only taken two doses of B12.. but seriously, I haven't had this much energy in years. And on top of that it's a particular time that I usually have even less energy, but nope, I feel just fine. Lately I haven't been able to even go shopping, I get fatigued, winded and dizzy so fast. Today I went outlet shopping and managed to traipse through 4 stores and buy an enormous amount of stuff (oops!) without so much as a yawn. I felt fine the whole time! It's amazing, in just two days! I'm so happy.

Dinner with the girls was a lot of fun, sorry I forgot to take my camera with me so no photos. But everyone enjoyed their dinner and no one got sick, so yay for that! The lettuce wraps were so good just as I had heard, I would order them as my meal next time, yum!!! We shared them as an appetizer, I had the lemon chicken for dinner. As Asian food goes, this is pretty Americanized, which is funny because the location that we went to is right on the outskirts of Chinatown. I love authentic Asian food so I was not all that impressed in that aspect, but I understand that it's next to impossible for GF people to go to an authentic chinese restaurant and survive. I just love eating with chopsticks, honestly.

Ok I'm off to check out the damage... I might not have enough money left over to buy much for groceries this week, but at least I will look cute :)


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