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I can't think of anything good for the title of this post! It's a quick one because I am running out to a meeting. I just wanted to say that day two of the gluten free, dairy free, low carb diet is awesome. Flare - GONE. Feeling great and so happy about it. I did break down and have a Magner's last night at the concert that I went to but I regretted it. Not physically, just wasn't feeling like having a drink last night, did anyway, and just shouldn't have. Oh well. The conert was really fun though, it's Ryan Gosling (of The Notebook fame, ::sigh::) and his friend and they created this band called Dead Man's Bones and they sing scary Halloweeny type songs with childrens' choirs. It sounds strange but it's awesome. This video is one of the songs that they sung last night. There was a sign at the venue that said absolutely NO photography or video at the show but I managed to snap one good pic of Ryan. I won't post it here though because I'm afraid they'll come after me! But check out the video anyway. We had a great time!


Unknown said…
It was so much fun! I'm glad you were able to sneak a pic!

I'm glad you're feeling better! Keep it up! It's so worth it!

(One little thing: there's no H in witty. :-) Ok, spelling police moment finished.)

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