I've got flare!

I wish it were the good kind of flare... my stomach is revolting. I'm hoping it's just anxiety over the fact that I have my first interview in 10 years tomorrow. Or it could be the yogurt I ate today in an attempt to get more probiotics into my diet. Yup, still can't tolerate ANY dairy whatsoever. So I bought some acidophilus (sp?) pills today that I'll start taking tomorrow instead. I think additionally I'm having issues because I started taking a multivitamin with iron last week and it constipated me, so I stopped.. and now I'm becoming unconstipated..... um yeah. Sorry folks, this IS a blog about Crohn's afterall ;-)

Anyway, I'm definitely starting to make the changes to my diet that I need to make. Probiotics - check, gluten free - working on it, dairy free - most definitely after today! It's going to be a baby steps process. The dairy first, that's the easiest and fastest and the one thing I've been trying to do all a long. The gluten is the next step, which shouldn't be too hard. I don't really have much gluteny food in the house anyway. The probiotics start tomorrow. Once I am completely gluten and dairy free I will start cutting back on carbs/starchy foods and sugars. The sugar thing though is something I'm already conscious of.

Ok, well that's enough for now. I need to get to bed. I am not feeling good at all. :(


GFG said…
Poor thing! Sorry you're having a flare up - I'm sure its stress related! My tummy always revolts when I'm under lots of stress. GOOD LUCK tomorrow! Just be yourself and have fun, I'm sure you'll do great! BTW, have you ever tried yoga?? It totally helps me de-stress and has made a world of difference with my GI troubles!

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