Making progress.

No more whining and complaining about how much I love cake. I just re-read this article about a man that has been through hell because of this disease and it made me realize how lucky I am to be mostly healthy right now. It also made me realize that if I don't make these changes to my diet now, I just might end up living like that man and no piece of cake or cheeseburger is worth the pain and suffering I go through that will only get worse.

I've only been blogging again for a short time but in that time I've received some awesome advice and support and I am so thankful for that! I really feel ready to tackle this and make the changes. No gluten, no dairy, low carbs. I'm avoiding artificial everything, eating as close to nature as possible. I feel better already.

Tonight Sally and I are going to see Ryan Gosling!!!!!!! He's got this band and he sings with kids' choirs... crazy, but so exciting.

Edited to add: I've had several people ask me if I practice yoga as it's an excellent way to exercise, de-stress, and is also great for the digestive system. I would like to get into yoga but haven't yet for several reasons, lack of funds to pay for a class, lack of space to do it at home etc. But I'm going to look into it again. Thanks!!


Raw'r! Food! said…
YAY! Definately look into yoga, don't be diterred by expense, lack of space, etc.. I have DVD's that I do in card board box of a college dorm room!

Some good beginner yoga dvd titles include:
Sarah Ivenhoe's series 20 minute yoga makeover (power beauty sweat is my favorite)
Rainbeau Mars pure series (a bit harder)
Wai Lana (harder)

Best wishes to you!!
Melissa :)
Farty Girl said…
If you are looking for different menu choices, check out this chick:

She's awesome.

Glad you are back!!!!

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