One down, hopefully two to go!

I finally got home from my interview... phew! I feel good about it and am hoping to hear back soon about a 2nd interview. If I do get a second interview, I have to give a 10-15 minute presentation about a healthcare topic.... ummmm... seriously?? I just have no idea what I could possibly talk about....... HA! So I'm kind of excited actually for the second interview and will start working on my presentation right away.

I've been making a tiny bit of progress with my diet. Yesterday I was out and about and needed some lunch and I thought I might stop at this little place in Quincy center that I had heard serves gluten free bread. Well, I hate to say I wasn't surprised about this but, I got to the door and it was closed. Out of business. (Eatin' Healthy, Liz) I was bummed! The owner was the wife of a guy that I used to train at the gym and he had given me a gift certificate a couple of years ago and I never got around to using it. It's a tough spot to have a restaurant in Quincy, there's no parking and not a lot of foot traffic, which is why I wasn't all that surprised that it was closed. There are just so many other options in Q center that are convenient to parking.

Well, I don't have much else for today. Happy Tuesday!


Liz said…
AWWW MAN!!! That stinks. They were so darn nice there. And they got the whole "gluten free" thing.

So sad :(
Liz said…
P.S. The presentation thing... in an interview??? Wow. So glad the other interview went well. Keep us updated!

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