Eating right and exercising actually works... who knew??

I've been a fitness instructor for over four years. You'd think I'd be all super fit and healthy... and I totally used to be. Then I got diagnosed with Crohn's disease, took tons of meds, lost all my strength and energy, gained a ton of weight.... and continued to use the diagnosis as an excuse. I was so weak! I was so tired! I needed to start back sloooowwwwly. It's been a year and a half, not a whole lot of time when you look at the big picture, and today I feel like the girl pre-diagnosis. Minus the yucky stomach. I've been eating really well, doing yoga, cardio and strength training. I have energy, I don't ache, I feel strong, I've lost five pounds so far. It's absolutely awesome. I feel like myself again. Tonight at the gym one of my co-workers said "hey Jen, you look great, it's good to see you working out again" and that just was so awesome to hear. I've just been reminded that with just a little bit of effort you can achieve great things. :)


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