I DVR'd The Biggest Loser this week and today when I went to watch it, somehow I also managed to DVR the Where Are They Now special! I was so pleasantly surprised! I've been crying through the whole show seeing how far these people have come. It's so inspiring. I've been working really hard to get healthier and it pays off.

Thanksgiving was awesome. My cousin announced that she's pregnant by showing everyone her nephew's t-shirt that said "I'm Gonna Be A Big Cousin". It took my sister a few moments to understand, since she's pregnant, he'll be her baby's cousin too. But then you could see the light bulb go on and her face just dropped and she looked at Lauren and burst into tears. There is so much joy right now!

My body changes every day, the less I consume the bad stuff, the less I want it and the more severely I react when I eat it. I had 3 beers the other night and felt like I got hit by a truck! All day at Thanksgiving there was so much sugar around and I wanted none of it. I took home leftovers from dinner but didn't even bother with the dessert. I just keep moving forward. I finally feel like I'm not stuck anymore.

2009 is almost over and the year flew by. I am really looking forward to the new year. This year was a long one and I spent most of it just existing. In the past few months I started living again. I feel more alive right now than I've felt in probably seven years. Or maybe ever. I love my life. It's so full and amazing and I don't take a moment of it for granted anymore. Sure there are shitty days (literally) but so what? For the most part, I can control that, and that's the biggest piece of the puzzle. Mind over matter baby. If you want something, whether it be better health, or to quit drinking, or to exercise more... it's all about you making it happen. I'm talking to myself just as much as I'm talking to anyone out there that's reading this.


Farty Girl said…
How awesome is it to FINALLY see results? It's wonderful to hear you so positive, so hopeful and so happy! Keep up the good work.

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