My cousin and I took a drive down to Philly this weekend for our friend's wedding. It was a great weekend and the wedding was beautiful. We stopped on the way down at this little diner in Connecticut, the sign said it was a "vegetarian enclave". It was pretty much a regular diner though, but they did have a couple of GF options:

Shoreline Diner

But I had this:

RB Club

It was great.

I got that new camera last Christmas, I did my research, I read reviews, I thought I was getting a good one... and I hate it. I am so disappointed. I needed a P&S camera that could handle a high ISO without a lot of noise. This camera gives me a ton of noise. I can't be lugging around my DSLR all the time! So frustrating. Oh well. The big issue of the weekend was realizing how much weight I've gained. I had already started cutting back last week but now I'm going hardcore. I've got to take off these extra lbs! Here I am with the bride and my cuz:


ETA: The Shoreline Diner is in Guilford, CT visit their website and no, I did not bring GF bread, this sandwich is not GF. While I am trying to cut down on how much grains, especially GF grains, I eat in general, I am not totally gluten free.


Unknown said…
Hey, where in CT was this diner? Also, did you bring your own gluten-free bread with you for that sandwich?

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