Adios 00's Bring on the 10's

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

Ten years ago I was 19 years old, a freshman in college, and home in Plymouth for Christmas break. My friends from home and I decided we'd make the trek into Boston for First Night. You just buy a first night pin for $30 and you get admission to all Boston has to offer for New Years Eve. Of course, at 19, all we cared about was drinking like fools and being ridiculous. We were so carefree and young and life was good.

Being born on a new decade year, each new decade brings a new phase of life. In 2000 I turned 20 and left my teens behind. I thought I had it all worked out. I met the love of my life, we talked about getting married, we played house in our tiny one bedroom apartment, I was on top of the world. Ohh how naive I was. The twenties have been the most defining years of my life so far. I fell in love, got my heart ripped out, spent years trying to mend it, got sick, got diagnosed, graduated college, went in a totally different career direction, and lost my job. Made new friends, lost old friends, lost loved ones, and watched the next generation being born. I've learned so many things about myself, and others, and life in general. And yet, I still feel like I have so much to learn. In less than 5 months I'll turn 30 but I can already feel the next phase of my life beginning. My health is good, my heart is happy, and my head is in a good place. I'm ready for whatever it is that 2010 has to give me. If I've learned one thing, it's that no matter what life throws at me, I can handle it.

So even though that beer isn't gluten free, just pretend that it is, and let's toast to saying adios to the 00's and hola to the 10's. Happy New Year everyone!!!


Lauren said…
You're right, you can handle anything. Never forget that. Happy New Year, new decade, new adventures!
Karen said…
Gluten Free bears are out their, was surprised to see some local LBCO

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