French Meadow Bakery Gluten Free Bread

Eggs and GF Toast

This morning for breakfast I tried that new GF bread that I mentioned the other day. It's a new brand to me - French Meadow Gluten-Free Multigrain Bread. I really like this company's mission, they use "Earth- and Body-Friendly Ingredients". This bread is full of whole grains, nutrients, protein and fiber and it doesn't taste bad either! I only tasted a small bite of it plain and then ate the rest of it topped with my scrambled eggs. It's not crumbly, it toasts well and has a soft texture. Doesn't have that funky GF smell when toasting which is big for me, I hate that smell. It's expensive, but I think it's worth it for all the nutrition in it. Most GF breads that I've found are completely lacking in nutritional value. I definitely recommend it! They offer a lot of other GF products as well, I'd love to try the cinnamon raisin bread. Oh and their products are casein free as well!!! This bread is also very low in sugar, just a touch of honey. Love it!!


Allie said…
yum, i'm drooling looking at that toast! where did you get it? I don't think I've seen that brand before.
Jen said…
I got it at Good Health here in Quincy. I also found Joan's english muffins but of course they were over $12 and looked kinda freezer burnt.
Farty Girl said…
This bread looks AWESOME! Thanks so much for the post. It's so hard to find a gluten free bread with nutrients and fiber, too. You rock.

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