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Google Chrome

My blogging life and my personal life tend to stay separate. Meaning that there are only a few people that know me personally that actually know my website address. Of course all of my friends and family know about my personal struggles with Crohn's and my dietary issues, but this website is more for those in the "community" if that makes any sense. So that means that on my Facebook page you won't find blog references and my friends list consists of family and friends and "real life" people. Not that you all aren't "real life" people, but do you understand what I'm saying? I also have multiple email addresses, two twitter accounts, and numerous other accounts that I manage online. I've been using Mozilla Firefox for years because it's far better than Internet Explorer. Yesterday I was thinking that it would be easier if I had two separate browsers, one for blogging stuff, one for personal stuff. Mainly because I have multiple gmail accounts and can't be logged into all of them at the same time. So I downloaded Google Chrome. This is now the browser I use for blogging. My bookmarks toolbar contains my blogger dashboard, my website, stat counter, flickr, twitter, bloglines reader, gluten-free faces and then a bookmarks folder for websites I want to save or blog about in the future. I love this browser, it's faster, cleaner, easy to use and nice to look at. I like that there's a little button at the top so I can open a new tab quickly and it brings up my most recent pages. That's the screenshot you see above. Now I'm actually thinking I'd like to use this browser for everything. Anyone know of a way to be signed in to multiple gmail email accounts at the same time? And Twitter accounts? My iPhone is all set up this way and I LOVE it. I can check all my email addresses at the same time, both my twitter accounts, etc. I need the same kind of platform on my computer.

I know this is completely unrelated, but I have nothing interesting to write today, so there you go. I am trying to figure out what to eat for dinner and I just had a great idea... meatloaf!!! That would be perfect today.


Mike said…
Here's an article that pretty much explains what you want to do.

The idea is that you create two shortcuts to Chrome, each of which tells it to use a different folder for its settings.
Jen said…
Mike you're awesome! Thank You!! Now how to fix that font issue...

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